Controller Stick Drift Fix

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Sale price$24.99

Completely renew your controller to factory specs with Cinch Gaming's Stick Drift Fix! 

We replace your entire thumb stick module(s) and pro-calibrate each stick.

This is like getting a brand new controller out of the box... for your sticks. Return to 100% stick calibration with Cinch Stick Drift Fix.

Hall Effect Thumbsticks require us to remove the rumbles, and speakers from the controller.

Hall effect Thumbstick Modules use electromagnets instead of traditional potentiometers. These are much more durable than standard modules and are drift resistant. Each thumbstick is pro-calibrated and is proven ore accurate than standard sticks. 

Standard Module: Up to 16% Error Rate

Hall Effect Module: Up to 5% Error Rate (Much More Accurate)

Style: Left Stick (Standard)


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