Mouse Click Triggers & Bumpers

Shooting and Aiming Faster is crucial for any fps game out there. When seconds matter, a full trigger pull can slow you down. Our Cinch Mouse Triggers & Bumpers activate instantly with almost zero pull distance. 

Back Action Buttons

Every wonder how that guy just jumpshotted you while aiming accurately? This is how. 
Back Action buttons allow you to activate ANY FACE BUTTON, without taking your thumbs off of the sticks. Aim while reloading, weapon swapping, jumping, sliding etc. It's the Cinch Advantage.

Cinch Controller Grip

Stop sweaty hands in their tracks with Cinch Pro Grip. Our rubberized custom back grip stops your controller from sliding during long gaming sessions.

Frequently Asked


Can I change the back buttons? 

Yes, depending on the controller type. Remap is available for PS4 and coming soon to PS5. Xbox Remap is in the pipeline with no release date.

Can I play racing games with mouse triggers?

In short, yes. You will be going 100% full speed when the trigger button is pressed. Mouse triggers are most ideal for shooter games, where pull distance does not determine speed etc.

Back Buttons or Paddles?

Unlike paddles, Cinch Back Buttons are ergonomically positioned to your finger's natural resting position. Short or longer fingers, our back buttons will work for you.

Can I use a Cinch in a tournament? 

Yes. Cinch Controllers are 100% tournament legal and do not carry mods like rapid fire etc.