Pro Features

You'll be playing like a pro in no time.

Mouse Click Triggers

Cinch Gaming's Mouse Click Triggers and Bumpers allow you to shoot significantly faster than a standard pull. Each click produces a satisfying click that you'd expect from a high end gaming mouse.

Shooting and aiming at the same speed as a pc player, truly closed the skill gap and levels the playing field.

Back Action Buttons

Our back action buttons are the staple of Cinch Gaming. We use a pro-micro switch to enable faster actions with a satisfying click.

Imagine this, you can now jump + crouch while retaining your ability too aim. Keep your thumbs on the sticks while activating any face button - all with Cinch back action buttons.

Swap Top Sticks

Aim with more accuracy. Adding a taller domed thumbstick on your right stick allows more precise movements with verticality. Each swap top kit includes 6 different size, shape and texture tops to match your play-style. Just please don't be a camper...

More About Features

Let's answer some top questions about our pro controller features.

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