I haven't received my order and it's been a while.

With any custom order, there is a build time.

  • Current Build Times are sitting right around 5 business weeks. 
  • Your order will ship as soon as we build it, so don't worry if you don't see any updates - we are working fast and hard to get you your custom cinch build.

What can I do? 

  • You can contact us via our contact form, we will provide similar information.
  • Sit tight, your build is on its build to you journey.

How long does it take to get my controller?

Normal build time is anywhere from 1-5 weeks. Domestic shipping within the U.S. typically takes 2-3 business days. International shipping time is about 1-2 weeks.

You can add RUSH Service to any order to lower the build time down to just 2-3 business days. Shipping times remain the same.

View Shipping Times here.

Do you ship Internationally? 

Yes – We ship all over the world! You can calculate your shipping cost by entering your address in your shopping cart under “shipping”. Please note that customs fees are NOT included in the cost of shipping. Cinch Gaming does not pay customs fees. If you need to pay customs fees you will most likely have to pay at the time of delivery.

My controller is under warranty, how do I get it repaired.

 E-mail us at support@cinchgaming.comand ask for a warranty.

Fill out the requested information. Be sure to select “replacement” under “I want to request for a”. When you are finished select “Submit”.

You will get an automated reply with your RMA number. Include that number when you ship your controller back to us.

Your controller must be shipped to us within a week of submitting the RMA, or it may be subject to repair fees.

Box it up and ship to this address: Cinch Gaming, 8521 East Coldwater, Davison Michigan 48423.

My controller is under warranty, how do I get it repaired.

Yes, we can still repair your controller, but certain fees will apply. Please note that manufacturers often introduce new models and make internal changes to their controllers. As a result our customers need to be aware that Cinch Gaming may not be able to service some older model controllers as we no longer have the parts. Before you send a controller in for repair, please weigh the minimum and maximum repair fees against the cost of purchasing a new controller. If we are unable to repair your controller it will be returned to you as is and all fees still apply.

If you are unsure if your controller is considered an older model please e-mail us at to ask.

I'm international and my order is sitting in a specific location.

What to know:

International shipping can take a while, ughhhh. Most orders shipped internationally don't take too long, but there are off cases. Please allow for some additional time. 

If you have been waiting for over 3 business weeks, please contact route, assuming you purchased additional shipping insurance here:

Can I send in my own controller to be made into a Cinch? 

Absolutely, in fact you will save money this way. Check out our send in service on the menu or below in the footer.

What is the warranty on a Cinch Controller? 

Every new cinch ships with an included 30 day limited warranty that covers manufacturer problems. This does not cover user generated problems. 

You can opt for a
6 Month Warranty that extends the 30 day limited warranty.

What does my warranty cover? 

The 30 day warranty covers the full functionality of the controller upon delivery. We will repair and service the controller for free for any defects that are found with workmanship or equipment failure. The warranty does NOT cover: 

- Excessive wear or damage to the controller.

- Wear or damage to the thumbsticks or shells.

- Damage to the controller headset port.

- Please see our full set of Terms and Conditions.

My order is stuck in shipping.

Your order is stuck in a certain location after being shipped.... no fun, we get it. 

Sometimes our shipping partners get a bit clogged, but don't worry let's figure this out.

If your order has been waiting in a specific location after being shipped for over 3 business weeks, please contact route here: