Unless you live under a rock, I am sure you have had to of heard of Splitgate by now. 
This free to play game is breaking records on their platform, to the point of crashing the game! The game found out that their database could only hold 65,536 concurrent players, so they were on a mission to find a way to increase that number.

The game was supposed to officially come out of beta on July 27th, but they announced those plans have been pushed back as they have received $10 million from a venture capital firm. They haven't given a definite date yet, but states that they are targeting a drop for sometime in August. 

Don't worry though, you can still play Splitgate in the meantime. The game will remain in beta until its 1.0 release, but some new content will release today the 27th.  

Some of the content rumored to be released today are: 3 new maps, FOV slider for console, customizable controller layouts and mappings, mouse and keyboard support, and more customization options.