Faster Build Times Update

Faster Build Times Update

Hey #ControllerGang, Jake here. 

I wanted to give a quick update on build times, instant ships and a customer support update.


First a little backstory on this year of Cinch. Back in December of 2014, I joined the Cinch Gaming team as a product tester. I worked just about every position on/off in the company for the next 5 years. I left in 2019 to start up which allowed me to purchase Cinch Gaming in March of 2021.

After purchasing, I switched our e-commerce platform and made some serious upgrades to our content game. Within 2 weeks, our sales tripled and we needed to hire fast. We have continued to grow our team to over 5x in the last 8 months. 

This year at Cinch is the busiest in a long time and we're here for it.


Production + Build Times

In the last month, Cinch has moved into a larger facility along with Alt Customs  - allowing us to hire additional staff members and expand our business.

Our newest class of technicians in training have just graduated and joined the production line. Our build speeds have improved dramatically and we're flying through orders at record speed - so much so that our testers can't keep up. (new testers also hired this week 👌🏽)

We are closing in on our guaranteed build times and we couldn't be happier.

We've also upped our staff's pay quite a bit. I believe happier employees mean better builds. 

Customer Support

 Over the last month, we've received thousands of inquiries that have strained our customer support team. In the last few weeks we've brought on new team members and a new head of customer care. This week has been our best week in customer service for the holiday season. We've been able to power through around 80% of the tickets and are closing in on the remaining 20%.


Have a question? Contact us at

Expect significantly faster responses throughout 2022.


I appreciate your orders, support and Merry Christmas! 


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brenda miller

brenda miller

I’ve been waiting for over a month for the item I ordered. It’s for a birthday present and his party is Saturday. So sad. I don’t think it will make it. I was told, when It ships I will get a notice. Nothing yet.
Thanks, Disappointed and waiting.

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