24 Hour Hall Effect Tactical Cinch PS4 Headshot

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This controller is guaranteed to leave our office within 24 hours. The world's fastest shipping pro controller. 

Our First Ever Hall Effect Controller! 

Hall effect Thumbstick Modules use electromagnets instead of traditional potentiometers. These are much more durable than standard modules and are drift resistant. Each thumbstick is pro-calibrated and is proven ore accurate than standard sticks. 

Standard Module: Up to 16% Error Rate

Hall Effect Module: Up to 5% Error Rate (Much More Accurate)


  • Hall Effect Thumbsticks Both Left + Right
  • 2 Pro Back Action Buttons (Left X, Right O)
  • Mouse Triggers + Bumpers featuring a nano-2mm Activation for faster aiming and shooting.
  • Mouse Face Buttons + DPad
  • Custom Soft Touch Headshot Trim Kit

- Removed Speaker + Rumble Functionality (For Hall Effects)

Compatible with PS5 and PC.

Ships in 24 Hours

Pre-Built + Ships within 24 hours of ordering.

This controller ships in 24 hours. ⚡️