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Gamer Goo Cinnamon

Gamer Goo is a hand lotion created for gamers. It keeps your hands dry and cool while you hold the controller.

Remember the cinnamon challenge? Cinnamon Gamer Goo reminds us of that, except actually pleasant. It’s sweet and spicy and lights your senses on fire in all the right ways. Not to mention Gamer Goo Cinnamon looks like sticky bun icing, which helps with marketing but not much else (pls don’t eat it – I have jokes, not money for a lawsuit). With hands coated in Gamer Goo Cinnamon, they’re free of sweat, inhibitions, and any doubt you’d hit 100% completion, because honestly what else do you have to do today? Make Snickerdoodle cookies? (Actually…)

Size: 2 oz


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