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Review for Custom Cinch PS4
Review of Custom Cinch PS4

Amazing light controllers, no wiggle room on any parts. The 3.0 led bottons have a life time warranty. No complaints.

Review for Custom Cinch PS4
Review of Custom Cinch PS4

Great controller!!!! A+++

Review for Custom Cinch PS4
Review of Custom Cinch PS4

Maybe make the buttons on the back either a little bigger or a little higher up to make it easier. Other than that, great product! I’ve really enjoyed learning how to use it and I would recommend to anyone who plays. Thank you all!

Review for PS4 S Green Fade 3.0
Review of PS4 S Green Fade 3.0

This controller was even better than what it looked on the website! I am very amazed by how much faster I was able to adapt to the 3.0 buttons rather than looking to push a paddle. Cinch’s controllers are definitely game changing, and they’ve taken my building in Fortnite to a whol new level. Definitely 10/10 all across the board!

Review for Custom Cinch One
Review of Custom Cinch One

Cinch did great with my Project Scorpio controller. The buttons look great and feel really good in the hand. Thanks!

Review for XBOX One Rear Grip
Review of XBOX One Rear Grip

Quick shipping, easy swap onto the controller. Great customer service. I just wasnt a big fan of how sticky the grips were, my hands would sweat and it felt like they would be glued to the back of the controller. All in all, great job cinch. 🤙

Review for Custom Cinch PS4
Review of Custom Cinch PS4

These guys are awesome! I have bought 2 Cinch now controllers and they both are great! Im pretty rough on controllers but these hold up great. When I need another one I know where I’m ordering from!

Review for Cinch Premium Crew Neck
Review of Cinch Premium Crew Neck

The shirt itself is 100% cotton and shirt is manufactured by Gildan. It is a heavy cotton shirt, but after multiple washes and uses it is still holding up with little to no color fading. It is a great quality shirt at the regular price shirts would cost even without the name brand of Cinch Gaming. The shirt wears exactly as any other shirt that I own would wear.

In the future a Dry-fit Cinch Gaming, or even a Cinch Gaming Jersey would be incredible for a lighter and more comfortable feel!

Review for Cinch Gaming Lanyard
Review of Cinch Gaming Lanyard

I have bought multiple lanyards in the past from Hot Topic, At conventions, and various other places, but this lanyard really catches the eyes of people for its quality color! The material itself feels just like any other lanyard you would buy, but it is exactly what I expected out of a lanyard! Another great Cinch Gamig product.

Review for XBOX One Accessory Pack
Review of XBOX One Accessory Pack

TL;DR: Great product for any xbox gamer! High quality material and design!

Not only is this product pack a great way to save money, but it is also very high quality. This pack is perfect kit for attending tournaments or to LAN events. You don’t have to worry about controller lag or battery dying in crucial moments of your game. I would highly recommend this pack to any competitor that wants to stay prepared, competitive and casual.

The packaging for the shipment was standard with the usual receipt, bubble wrap, and each item individually wrapped. They all were in perfect condition and actually arrived a couple of day earlier than expected.

One note is that the bag’s drawstrings are surprisingly durable and heavy, unlike normal drawstring bags you would get at an event. The quality of thee entire pack exceeds this value pack! It is a definite buy if you want something to take to events or any other gaming occasion.

Review for XBOX One Rear Grip
Review of XBOX One Rear Grip

This is my first purchase from Cinch Gaming and I am very Satisfied with the service.

Note: The grips are ONLY for a regular Xbox One Controller, not the Xbox One Elite Controller.

This review covers both the Pros and Cons of the Xbox One Rear Grips. To start it off, the ordering process was smooth and easy to understand. It was as simple as choosing a color, entering in the billing information, and entering the shipping information. After ordering the grips, it listed your receipt and an estimated drop-off date. The Shipment actually arrived a couple of days early and was left on my doorstep. The packaging was well-preserved and everything was placed neatly inside. After opening it up, I noticed the paper receipt, the 2 grips, and a tool to pry off the old grips. I personally did not understand how to do this, so I went online and found some easy tutorials on how to do this. Other than that it was very easy to add to my controller.

The product itself does its job. It is easier to grip now and is very light-weight for a high-quality grip. It also adds a clean look to your controller, adding more appeal to the overall look.

In the future I would love the buy more products from them.