iDropz_Bodies wins $140,000 beating PC players in the Summer Skirmish Fortnite Tournament using a Cinch Controller!

Relatively unheard of player; iDropz_Bodies has become an overnight star when winning one of the largest fortnite tournaments to date.

It’s pretty much a known fact that PC players run the fortnite pro-scene, winning most of the online tournaments out there. This is where it gets interesting, iDropz_Bodies won by a landslide while not touching a keyboard and mouse!

There has been many accusations of cheating being thrown his way – but Epic Games (creators of Fortnite) have confirmed he was using a controller the entire time!

How did he do this? He used Cinch Gaming Action Buttons to build and swap weapons faster – ultimately winning him the $140,000 1st place title.

He sticks to the classic 2 button Cinch PS4 for all his fortnite needs, we encourage you to check out our “Ships Now” Controllers to improve your gameplay!