Secret #1: Dropping Quicker

One of the easiest ways to rack up more kills in Fortnite is to make sure you drop quicker. As easy as this sounds, there are a few ways most people don’t think about.

-Avoid Mountains and Hills

-Stay away from Tilted Towers

-Don’t deploy your parachute until the game forces you too

Secret #2: Staying under the Radar

Stay under the Radar by not fully destroying materials. Keeping trees at 50hp won’t completely destroy the tree and will not alert nearby players of your location.

When you loot a location, don’t fully destroy walls on the outside – this will keep players thinking the area is fresh and untouched. Lay traps accordingly and get free kills, unsuspecting opponents will waltz right in and get hit by them.

Secret #3: Ultimate Advantage

The final secret is Cinch 3.0 Action Buttons. Literally increase your build speed and accuracy while doing so. Keeping your thumbs on the sticks to aim better while doing all of the tasks in game.

We recommend switching your controller layout to “Builder Pro” to best utilize the action buttons.

Our favorite button combinations for PS4 Fortnite:

Top Left // X Button (Jump)

Top Right // Circle Button (Toggle Build Mode)

Bottom Left // Triangle (Toggle Harvest Axe)

Bottom Right // Square (Interact/Trap)