The MLG CWL New Orleans Tournament is coming up quick.

With the largest open bracket in title history, who do you have taking it home?

Our Predictions:


  1. Team Kaliber
  2. Optic Gaming
  3. EnvyUs
  4. Open Bracket Team

We’ve placed team Envyus in our top 4, despite their placing at Dallas.

Event with last year, they take awhile to heat up and when they do… it’s game over for everyone in their path. Some might argue splitting up their roster has punished their performance, but we think with the addition of Huke and Temp – they stand a legitimate shot at the championship.

We had to throw an open bracket team in here somewhere so we stuck them in our lineup. When the Pro League switched from 16 to 8 teams, 32 players lost their pro status.

With the outstanding talent pool of now “ex pros,” we are sure to see a handful of these players show up in high fashion.


With Team Kaliber and Optic Gaming, there is no doubt on a top placing for these two behemoth organizations.