Cinch Gaming Sponsorship

Cinch Gaming is committed to supporting both pro and up-and-coming amateur teams, as well as active YouTubers and Streamers, by enabling mutually advantageous sponsorship opportunities.

Cinch Progressive Sponsorship (TM) or CPS, is attainable by every aspiring team, YouTuber, and Streamer that is willing to work hard at making a name for themselves in the eSports industry. CPS does not require written legal contracts, obligations, or an application. CPS allows up-and-comers to promote themselves and the Cinch brand at the same time. Everyone is welcome!

Click the link below to sign up, or if you are already a member click below to view your information.

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How Does it Work

  1. After you sign up you will receive a CPS coupon code and a CPS link.
  2. Pass out the link and/or coupon code however you choose.
  3. When a customer buys a product using your CPS link or CPS coupon code you receive 5% of their total purchase.
  4. That 5% is given to you as store credit on our website to purchase whatever you choose.