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Welcome to the world of Cinch Tech®! Where becoming a better player has never been easier. Now you can analyze every move you make and compare yourself against the competition. Cinch Tech really has the ability to make you a better player.

By using Cinch Tech during game play, you will see first hand everything you are doing wrong, AND everything you are doing right! This will allow you to focus your attention on the areas you need improving the most. Are you ready to be better than you’ve ever been before? If the answer to that is a resounding YES! then strap yourself in because you are in for a brand new experience like you’ve never experienced before!


The first thing you will need is the Cinch Mobile Application for your mobile device. You can download the Cinch Mobile App for free from the iOS App store or the Google Play store depending on which operating system you choose. Simply search for “Cinch Gaming” in your app store and you will find the Cinch Gaming Mobile App.

Logging In

After downloading the app you will be greeted with the login screen as follows:


If you do not already have an account you can create one from within the mobile app.

1) Click the “Sign Up” button in the mobile app and register for a new account.


Using the Dashboard

Once you have logged into the mobile app you will be presented with your Cinch Feed. Since this is your first time logging in you won’t see much information posted to this screen just yet.


Click the side menu button in the top left corner or simply swipe you finger from the leftmost side of the screen to the right. This will display the side menu.

Click “Dashboard”.

Dashboard – Game Configuration

The first thing you will want to do in the Dashboard is tell the Cinch Mobile App which game you will be playing. Click “Game Configuration”.

On the Game Configuration screen select which game and which controller you will be using. Note: it is very important to pick the correct game controller or your statistics will not be accurate. Click “Save and Next” at the bottom of the screen.

Next select which button and stick layout you will be using. These are the same layouts you choose in the game on the game console. If you do not normally change these, then select the default configuration from both menu items. Click “Save and Continue” at the bottom of the screen.


Click “Done” on the following screen.

At this point your Game Configuration is complete and you should see a green check mark next to the Game Configuration menu item.


Dashboard – Connect Controller

Now it’s time to connect your Cinch Tech enabled game controller to the mobile app.

Please follow these steps:

1) Power on your game console.
2) Connect your game controller to the console.

We Recommend:

1) To use a high grade USB cable with ferrite cores when connecting your Cinch Tech controller to the console which helps to eliminate noise and interference. If you do not have a high grade USB cable you may purchase one here.
2) Always disconnect your controller and remove any controller batteries prior to shutting down your console or when you have completed using Cinch Tech. Cinch Tech is always on whenever the controller is powered on.

Click “Connect Controller”. This will open up the Scan Device screen. Note: The scan device information will vary slightly depending on which operating system you are using.


Name Your Cinch Tech Controller

Determining which device is the game controller can be a bit tricky at first. On Android the MAC ID will usually start with 00:1E. For iOS users you will need to figure out the device ID through trial and error.

Once you have identified which Bluetooth device is the Cinch Tech controller, you can name it so that it’s easier to connect to it next time. To name your controller, click the information button located in the scan device screen next to the identified device and type in the name and click “Save”.

 The next time you scan for devices, your controller name will appear as shown below.


Pairing Your Controller

After selecting your Cinch Tech controller in the Device Scan screen, your controller will pair with your mobile device. It may take between 1-10 seconds for this process to complete. Note that your Wi-Fi should be enabled if you wish to use the Cinch Streaming App otherwise Wi-Fi does not need to be enabled.

Note: If your device cannot pair then we suggest closing the mobile app and trying again. If it still doesn’t work, then try cycling power on your controller.


Dashboard – Play Now!

Clicking Next will bring you to the “Playing Game” screen. This screen lets you know that there is a connection between the mobile app and your controller and that data is being logged. When your controller is connected to the mobile device properly you will notice that the signal bars will flicker. This shows you that data is actively transferring from the controller to the mobile device.

NOTE: It may take between 1-30 seconds before the signal bars will flicker. Please give the mobile app ample time to begin the data logging process.


Always delete any data logs prior to collecting new data. This can be done by clicking “Done” in the top right corner and selecting “Delete Data”. You can return to the “Playing Game” screen by clicking the “Reconnect” button.


You can remain on the “Playing Game” screen or you can navigate to other screens while logging data. You may even put your mobile device into sleep mode and data will continue to be recorded. You can return to this screen at any time by clicking “Play Now!” from the Dashboard side menu item.

NOTE: Clicking “Done” in the top right corner will stop data recording.


We recommend navigating back to the “Playing Game” screen from time to time to ensure you still have an active connection.

Dashboard – Upload Data

When your match is over click the “Done” button in the top right corner of the screen. You will be taken to the “Data Collected” page where you can upload all the data from your previous game play session by clicking “Upload Data”. You may also update your Game Configuration if that has changed or delete the data that was previously collected.

If you wish to take more data you can click the “Reconnect” button to be redirected back to the “Playing Game” screen. Notice that your file size and date of the data log are located below the Reconnect button. If you do not see the file size and date then you do not have collected data.

Two choices at the bottom of the page ask if this gameplay data is for one or several matches. Select one match if you played only one game or several matches if you played more than one. (An example of a match would be one Team Deathmatch game or one Search and Destroy game.) We recommend uploading data for each game individually as this will ensure the best and most accurate scoring method possible.

Game Summary – Game Report

After clicking “Upload Data” from the “Data Collected” page you will be redirected to the Game Report page. The Game Report is a summary of the most recent game that you played. If you played several matches, only your most recent match will be displayed in the Game Report.

The Game Report gives a Cinch Score and a detailed score for each action performed in the match. The Cinch Score is an overall number that represents your preformance during the last match. To the right of your Cinch Score you are given a rank that corresponds to the earned score.


Ranks – Best to Worst


Dasboard – Remap Controller

To remap your controller open up the side menu and click “Remap Controller”. If this is your first time, select the “Default” profile and click “Edit” toward the bottom of the screen. You will be directed to the “Remap Configuration” page where you can set each of your rear buttons how you prefer.


Each button can be mapped to any of the 12 buttons shown. Click the Tournament (T) button you wish to map and select the button you wish to map it to. Select the next T button and repeat the process. When all T buttons have been assigned you can either click “Save” at the bottom of the page or click the “Edit” Pencil icon in the top right corner to name this profile. Once saved you will be redirected back to the “Remap Profiles” page.

You may create up to six different remap profiles with any settings you choose.


When you are ready to update your controller, make sure it’s connected to the mobile app and click “Update” at the bottom of the page. Each button assignment will be updated in sequence. If the remapping assignment fails for any button the remapping feature will automatically try to reassign the button. When all buttons have been successfully remapped click the “Done” button to close the window. That’s it! You’re done! Any time you wish to update your controller, simply select the profile and click “Update”!

Dasboard – LED Color

All Cinch Tech controllers come equipped with a multi-colored LED. To change the LED color of your controller, ensure that you are connected with the controller via the mobile app and select “Dashboard” from the side menu and then click “LED Color”. This will bring you to the LED Colors page.


Simply click the color you want to change your LED to and wait for the success message. If the LED color assignment fails for any reason, click the color you want to assign to try again.

Note: On CINCH PS4 controllers it may be difficult to determine the custom LED color since we do not remove the original LED that comes standard on the controller. To see the Cinch Tech multi-colored LED easier, you may dim the original LED by going into the console settings and setting the brightness of the controller LED to dim. Click Here for instructions.

Game Stats

To view your statistical information gathered during your games open up the side menu and click “Game Stats”. The top of the Game Stats page will display overall game information about all the games you currently track stats with. The top of the page will show a count of all games, how many total hours you’ve tracked, how many total achievements you’ve unlocked, and how many total challenges from friends that you’ve completed.

Below the top banner displaying your overall information, each game will be displayed below it. A quick snapshot of your performance for that game is provided including: your average Cinch Score, highest Cinch Score, total time played, total achievements completed, and total challenges completed. Your average game rank for that game is also displayed to the right. To get more detailed statistical information, click the game you’d like to view.


Game Summary – Overall Tab

The Game Summary page contains all the detailed information about your game play as well as information about your achievements and challenges for this game. The Overall tab provides your average Cinch Score and average stat detail for each game action. Next to each average is a graphical report of the last five most recent games played. To the right of the graph is the rank associated with your average score.

Note: If no rank is displayed then that action does not play a factor in your score and is not ranked.

Game Summary – Achievements Tab

While tracking and analyzing data, Cinch Tech keeps a count of each action performed across all game uploads. As you hit certain landmarks for performing a given action a certain number of times, you will earn achievements along the way. Each achievement is listed in this achievements tab to indicate your progress in each. Earning achievements also gives your XP points that will contribute to your overall level.

Game Summary – Challenges Tab

When you or a friend earns an achievement, a challenge can be issued to complete the same achievement. This tab provides information about which challenges have been issued to you and your progress in them. To see a friend’s progress for a challenge you’ve issued to them, visit the same tab on their Game Summary page.

Game Summary – History Tab

Each upload is saved in your history allowing you to go back and look at previous games stats. The history tab shows all uploads for this game. Clicking on any item in this tab will bring up the Log Summary for that particular upload.


My Profile

Your profile page is your public page that all Cinch Tech mobile app users see. To visit your profile page open the side menu and click on your profile picture in the top left corner. This page displays a listing of the games you’ve played and how many uploads you have for each. How many achievements you’ve earned from all of your tracked games, the total time spent tracking games, and your total challenges you’ve completed.

Your XP level is in the top left corner and a shortcut arrow to your Game Stats page is in the upper right corner. Three tabs with your friends, followers, and a list of who your are following is located just below your profile name.

If you wish to edit your profile information such as profile picture, gamertag, or twitter handle, you may do so by clicking the edit pencil icon in the upper right corner of the page.

Cinch Friends

You may add or view friends by clicking the “Friends” tab in the “My Profile” page or by opening the side menu and clicking on “Cinch Friends”. A list of your current friends will be displayed along with a search bar that allows you to search friends who are already in your friends list.

If you wish to search ALL USERS and find new friends click the magnifying glass in the upper right corner. All Cinch Mobile app users will be listed and searchable.

Compare Scores

The Cinch Mobile App allows you to compare your Overall scores and Achievements with friends, pro gamers, and popular mobile app users. There are a few ways to compare your stats with others, the easiest is to start from your “Game Stats” screen and select the game you wish to compare against. In the game Summary screen click the arrows icon located near the top right corner of the screen. You will see a tabbed list of Friends, Pros, and Popular gamers. Click which tab you want to view and then click the users name. A comparison page will be displayed. This can be done for both Overall stats and Achievements.



(If you have questions not found here please check the Known Issues Page or contact