Cinch Buttons 3.0

Over the years, Cinch Gaming has continued to innovate both in design and functionality. There have been several iterations of our Pro Back Buttons since our launch in 2014, but you’ve never seen anything like this. Our New Pro Buttons set the standard going forward to what we consider a “Pro Controller” to be. Our new buttons are the most durable button we have ever offered. The rounded top provides an even surface for your finger to rest comfortably on. Cinch 3.0 Buttons are the way of the future.


One of the first things we look at when making an upgrade to our current model controllers is how it impacts your in-game performance. Our newest iteration exemplifies performance in every way. 


Out-jumping your opponent has never been easier. Some of the benefits include:

  • – Shortened response time when performing evasive controller actions
  • – Larger activation point for precise, consistent presses
  • – Rounded base for maximum comfort

Improved Ergonomics

Our new Pro Buttons are easier to press. Improved design provides for a smoother press and a tighter feel. Greater haptic-feedback makes for a more “in control” feel while gaming. 

With Cinch 3.0 buttons, you don’t have to worry about inconsistent presses – every press is a Cinch.

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Starting at only $104.99, making it a Cinch has never been more affordable.