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Our Action Buttons are what makes it a Cinch. Map any face button to the rear of your controller for ultimate domination. Never remove your thumb from the analog sticks to activate a button again. 


Clutch up with quicker activation and superior haptic-feedback. Our rear buttons are tournament grade, so you never have to worry about inconsistencies with our competitors peripherals.


Add up to 4 Pro Buttons to the rear of your controller with our quick and easy controller builder here.

Tactical Grip for tactical gamers. Get a better hold on your controller and play longer. Increased comfort allows for more relaxed hands during long gaming sessions. Cinch Grip is available on both Cinch PS4 and Xbox One Controllers.

Replacing worn out thumbsticks are a thing of the past. Swap Top thumbsticks have 6 interchangeable tops to perfectly match your play-style. Just twist and pop for a new thumbstick.

Target acquisition has never been easier. Acquire opponents faster with the “World’s First Fully Adjustable Trigger Stop. Don’t let the competition fool you, our stops are patented and are only available at CinchGaming.com.