Keep your thumbs on the sticks.

Action Buttons

Our Action Buttons are what makes it a Cinch. Map any face button to the rear of your controller for ultimate domination. Never remove your thumb from the analog sticks to activate a button again.

Difference between 2.0 and 3.0: Our 2.0 buttons stick out a bit farther and have a sharper edge. Our 3.0 buttons are smoother, have a lower profile, and come in multiple LED colors. Both are ultra responsive and have an audible click sound.

Mouse Click Activation

Quick Triggers + Bumpers

Transform your triggers into instant mouse clicks. Start firing as soon as you press the trigger!

Recommended for FPS titles such as Call of Duty, Fortnite and Apex Legends.

Change your button maps on the Fly


Switch up your action button functions in under 10 seconds with our custom button mapping technology.

Recommended if you are using the same controller for multiple game types.

Play longer, more comfortably.

Cinch Grip

The world’s best tactical grip for gamers. Gripping your controller has never felt more comfortable. Stop sweat in its tracks!

Recommended for anyone that plays for a long period of time.

Enhance your precision

Swap top thumbsticks

Our SwapTop Thumbsticks are easily interchangeable and come in three different lengths. The longer the length, the more precise your movements will become.

Recommended Set-up: A long or medium SwapTop on your right stick to increase your aim, and a standard SwapTop on your left.



Remove your rumbles for an ultra-lightweight controller -or- keep them in for added gameplay immersion.

Rumbles need to be removed in a controller with 3.0 action buttons. To keep rumbles, select 2.0 action buttons.

Get the feel you crave

Soft Touch

Cinch Soft Touch shells make your controller feel soft and look sleek. Browse through all of the different options in our builder and customize the look and feel.