David Hendrix contacted us to help him game better. His disability was slowing his gameplay and he needed a more ergonomic option better suited for his needs. We created a custom button placing to help him play comfortably.

I have a rare muscle disorder called “Spinal Muscular Atrophy,” and all I’ve ever really been able to do is game. Unfortunately the Atrophy has weakened my hands to the point where I can’t even push the custom Cinch buttons that the company “started with originally,” but I can still push the normal X, O, A, B face buttons plus the top buttons and even the paddles on the Xbox Elite controller, so all hope isn’t lost, yet. I was wondering if I mailed you the controller that I originally bought from you if you could redesign the back buttons and adjust it to where the buttons would be as easy to push as the normal X, O, buttons

David Henrix

Console gamer

David Hendrix

His Review

The company really knows how to make a controller look and feel good. In my opinion they are the best of the best when it comes to customizing a gaming controller. I have never met a company with customer support as good as Cinch!
Professional service all around when it came to customizing the controller for my needs. My needs were very special considering I am physically disabled.
They also went above and beyond to make sure the correct rear button worked for me.