NEW Life Time Warranty


BREAKING: Cinch Gaming Offering Lifetime Warranty.


We are excited to offer our customers a lifetime warranty on our new 3.0 action buttons.

Introducing our new buttons was no easy task, we tested what seemed like hundreds of button iterations to find the perfect fit for our brand. There are a few key factors we looked for on the new development. These buttons had to last through the most intense gaming sessions with ZERO issues or skips. A large portion of our business is from eSports competitors that want an edge over their opponents. Cinch 3.0 Action Buttons have the fastest activation speed on the market, when milliseconds count – you can count on Cinch.

Competition is what drives gamers to make it a Cinch,


If we were going to introduce a new product to our customers it had to stand out from our competitors. We’ve added LED lighting options to spice things up. Although this feature won’t help improve your skills, you will definitely stand out in the room.

Jacob Bogert

 Marketing // Graphic Design