PUBG Makes $712 Million in 1st Year!

You’ve probably heard of the #1 game on steam, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. The game that defines the entire battle royale genre has grossed over half a billion dollars in its first year alone! PUBG has set new concurrent player records toppling DOTA 2 and CSGO – arguably 2 of the biggest esports in existence.


Public battlegrounds has reinvented the battle royale stigma by constantly updating and optimizing the title. The addition of an Xbox One version has

Mario Kart Mobile?

It has long been rumored that Nintendo plans on breaking into the mobile scene with their local IPs such as Mario, Donkey Kong etc.

Last year, Super Mario Run was released on IOS devices worldwide. This game offered an “endless runner” experience without any meaningful multiplayer features. Nintendo has just officially announced “Mario Kart Tour.” Slated for a 2019 release, everyone is hoping for a true pvp multiplayer experience like its console predecessors. Who wouldn’t mind playing Double Dash on your phone? Being as older Mario Kart titles run on older hardware such as the gamecube and the mobile device landscape is changing daily with new graphics processors – it doesn’t seem that far fetched.