Frequently Asked Questions

*Last Updated: 10/03/16

Q) What is Cinch Gaming?
A) Cinch Gaming manufactures custom professional game controllers for the XBOX One and Playstation 4 consoles. Our controllers are used by both professional and casual gamers alike. Cinch Gaming controllers are widely used among the eSports and professional game tournament communities.

Q) Why choose Cinch?
A) At Cinch Gaming we are gamers - just like you!

We want to provide you with a quality product that will improve your gaming performance at a fair price.

With Cinch you won't get stuck overpaying or waiting months for a professional game controller. Our controller design is sturdy and rugged - there are no paddles to break!

We put our customers first and pride ourselves at being the industry leader in customer care.

We feel that gamers should be put first with their professional controller vendor!

Q) What makes Cinch controllers different?
A) Our controllers are unique in that we offer an ergonomic button placement on the back of the controller that we feel offers the best possible performance.

With our controllers you squeeze the handle of the controller to engage the rear buttons which offers a more ergonomic button press and a much better feel. When using our competitors controllers gamers are reaching and pressing up on the rear buttons or paddles which causes your wrist to actually twist when engaging. This twisting motion of your wrist causes your thumbs and whole hand move in undesirable ways. Try it yourself! With our buttons, squeezing the handles actually give you a better grip without affecting your aim. Additionally, our buttons are faster. Engaging one set of buttons on the rear shell is actually faster than engaging first a paddle, and then an underlying button behind it. While this time savings may seem small, every tenth of a second counts during tournament play.

We promise you will feel the difference when you aren't stretching your fingers out to reach oddly placed paddles. Our buttons are very close to where your middle finger rests on the bottom of the controller making it faster than ever to get off that jumping drop shot.

Q) Can I use a Cinch Controller at an MLG, UMG, MES event or other Tournament?
A) Yes! Our controllers are approved for use by MLG and can be used at UMG, MES, UGC, LANs, or other major tournaments around the world. Cinch Gaming controllers were also used in the 2014, 2015, and 2016 CoD Championships.

Q) Do you sponsor teams?
A) Yes! For more information on team sponsorship please see our Team Sponsorship page located here.

Q) How long does it take to get my controller?
A) Normal build time is anywhere from 1-3 weeks. Domestic ship time is usually 2-5 days. International ship time can can add an addition 2-3 weeks.

Q) Can I put a custom design or team logo on my controller?
A) Yes! You can add a custom design to your controller by selecting "Upload Front Shell Design" for the Front Shell option during the configuration of your custom controller. See the following link for details.

Q) What is the warranty period of my new Cinch Controller?
A) Every new Cinch controller comes with a 30 day warranty. For controllers that are sent in via our "Make it a Cinch" service, we provide a 30 day "limited" warranty that covers ONLY the work done on that controller (rear buttons and trigger stops).

Q) What does your warranty cover?
A) The 30 day warranty covers the full functionality of the controller upon delivery. We will repair and service the controller for free for any defects that are found with workmanship or equipment failure. The warranty does NOT cover:

    • Excessive wear or damage to the controller.
    • Wear or damage to thumbsticks or shells.
    • Damage to controller headset port.
    • Please see our full set of Terms and Conditions

Q) Can I purchase an extended warranty?
A) Yes! Cinch Gaming offers the best extended warranty in the professional game controller business. Our extended warranty will extend your 30 day warranty for up to 6 months from the ship date. The extended warranty covers the full functionality of the controller. Our extended warranty does not cover abuse, damage, return shipping, normal wear and tear, or normal cosmetic wear. You can select to add the extended warranty in the custom controller build area.

Q) Do you ship outside the US?
A) Yes - Please select the appropriate destination country in the "Ship To" section of the "View Cart" page. We use UPS for all international orders. Please give your order up to 1 week for delivery time. Delivery time is in addition to your controller build time. *Please note that customs fees are NOT included in the cost of shipping. Cinch Gaming does not pay customs fees.

Q) How much will my customs fee be?
A) Please follow this link below for an estimate:

Q) What if I don't see my country listed in the "View Cart" page?
A) Please contact us for your shipping options.

Q) What controllers can I send in for the Make It Service?
A) You can send in any new XBOX One or PS4 controller that has been purchased in the last six months. Older controllers will not be serviced.

CPS (Cinch Progressive Sponsorship)

Q) Where can I see how many points I have?
A) You can see how many points you have under "My Account" -> "View Info" button located under the details section.

Q) Can I see how I rank against other sponsored members?
A) Yes. A list of the top 10 sponsored members is on our Partners page located here.

Q) Will Cinch Gaming follow us on Twitter?
A) Unfortunately as a business, we cannot follow everyone we would like to on Twitter. Please do not take it personally if we cannot give you a follow.

Q) Can I get some free merchandise to get started or to do a review?
A) Unfortunately we can only provide merchandise that is earned with points. We cannot offer free merchandise outside of the CPS program for any reason. We do not send our controllers to CPS members for reviews.

Q) Can I change my coupon code or team name?
A) Yes, you can update your CPS information at any time by logging in, going to My Account, and clicking the View Info button next to your CPS name. After you make changes click the button labeled "update info". If you've acquired any points, they will remain attached to your account, even if you need to change your info.

Q) What percent off is my code?
A) It is worth 5% off all purchases on our website.

Q) Can I use the Cinch Gaming logo on my team jerseys or shirts?
A) Yes, you can use our logo on any apparel items as long as you are not selling them for a profit. You can find it by logging in, going to My Account, and clicking the View Info button next to your CPS name.

Q) Can I use the Cinch Gaming intro video?
A) Yes, you can use our intro video. You can find it by logging in, going to My Account, and clicking the View Info button next to your CPS name.

Q) How do I add your intro to the beginning of my video?
A) You will need to use video editing software. There are many options available online.

Q) Can you make us custom apparel/jerseys with our team name?
A) Sorry, we are not an apparel company. Please visit for any custom apparel.


We service all Cinch controllers. For those controllers that are past the warranty period certain fees will apply. There is a basic or minimum service fee of $20 for all repairs and a return shipping fee concurrent with the Cinch Gaming website for your product. All controllers received for repair are fully tested before repairs are begun. Customers will then be emailed about any additional costs needed to complete repairs. Please note that manufacturers often introduce new models and make internal changes to their controllers. As a result our customers need to be aware that Cinch Gaming may not be able to service some older model controllers as we no longer have parts. Before you send a controller in for repair, please weight the minimum (and possible additional) repair fees against the cost of purchasing a new controller. If we are unable to repair your controller it will be returned to you as is and all fees still apply.

Q) I am out of warranty and need my controller repaired, how much will it cost?
A) We charge an up-front repair cost of $20 plus shipping to send your controller in. Once your controller is received and tested, we will determine if any additional costs are necessary.

Q) I want to send my controller in for repair and add additional options, how much will those options cost?
A) Any additional options added on during a repair will be the same cost as they are when customizing a new controller.

Q) How long does the RMA process take?
A) Once your controller is received it is put at the top of the queue and should be repaired within 2-3 business days. This does not include shipping time.