Double Tension Thumbsticks

Recently we've made the decision to remove double tension thumbsticks as an option from our line of professional game controllers.

The reasons for this are many however the leading reason is that players in general do not prefer double tension after trying it. Although some do prefer the increased tension, those players are largely the minority.

Other reasons include the fact that when the tension is increased, so is the difficulty with the thumbstick press. In many situations players are missing that cricital press because they aren't pressing the thumbstick hard enough. Harder thumbstick presses can also cause increased hand fatigue during longer gaming sessions.

Additionally we've seen in increase in slow turn issues related to double tension. Many times our solution to this issue may cause one of many other issues and simply put, is not worth the additional risk required to add this feature.

Although all of these issues can be overcome, we no longer feel that increased tension is the best option for the majority of gamers. Our goal is to provide top of the line features to our customers that are better than the standard features on a stock controller. We simply do not feel that double tension is one of those features.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at Thank you!