Cinch Streaming App

The Cinch Streaming App is here! A full featured application for the streaming enthusiast.

The Cinch Streaming Application allows a user to share each and every keystroke with their audience. Additionally the user can share their mouse button presses, mouse wheel scroll direction, and mouse movement.

As a unique feature not found anywhere else, a user can also create Action Messages. Action Messages show a custom message defined by the user whenever pressing a certain key or combination of keys. This is a fun way to enhance the viewing experience of the audience.

The Cinch Streaming App is also great for tutorials or presentations. Often times students or viewers want to see exact key press sequences when being shown how to perform a task. The Cinch Streaming App provides a unique and fun way to do just that! So let's get started!

Getting Started

Step 1) Create An Account
Your website account is the same account you will use for the Cinch Streaming App.
Step 2) Download the Cinch Streaming App!
Step 3) Install the application on your Windows PC by double clicking the downloaded file.
(currently not available for the MAC)
Step 4) Watch the Cinch Streaming App Tutorial
Step 5) Log into the app using your account information.
Step 6) Set your prefences and have fun!


The Cinch Streaming App Premium Upgrade gives you several enhancements over the Freeware version.
1) An additional five new animations for your custom Action Messages!
2) Six different color options for your keyboard and mouse wireframe.
3) Choose from three background colors for different Chroma Key preferences.
4) Save up to six custom Action Messages at once.
5) One Year of Premium use of the Cinch Streaming App.
6) Customer Support through

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The Cinch Streaming App Animation Pack gives you seven new animations to use with your Action messages!
Choose From:
1) Mosaic - Messages burst apart into small squares.
2) Particles - Messages explode into tiny particles.
3) SpinFade - Messages spin in a circle and fade away.
4) ZoomOut - Messages shrink off into the distance.
5) SpinZoom - Messages spin in a circle and shrink off into the background.
6) RotateLeft - Messages rotate to the left and up out of view.
7) LeftZoomOut - Messages shrink toward the left and into the background.

Get the Animation Pack Now!


1) For best results, play games in "Fullscreen" mode while using the Cinch Streaming App.
2) Only assign "Action Messages" to keys that you don't press too frequently. Assigning "Action Messages" to keys that are pressed rapidly or very often can slow down your games.
3) Use the settings in XSplit or OBS to enhance or change the appearance of the Streaming App.
4) If you like sharing your mouse direction, place the Streaming App window on your screen such that the mouse image is close to the center of your screen.


Lots of future enhancements are planned for the Cinch Streaming App! We can't share everything that's coming for the Streaming App just yet but keep an eye on the Cinch Twitter for the latest updated information. Here a just a few of the planned updates:
1) Save up to six profiles of custom action messages and app settings. This will allow you to easily switch preferences and action messages between games.
2) Shrink the keyboard and mouse size.
3) Font file management within the app.
4) Built in Update feature for new versions of the Streaming App.

And much much more!


1) Playing games in windowed mode may cause the gameplay or streaming application to lag or freeze momentarily.
2) Mouse direction shows movement relative to mouse image location on your screen.


Help is available for all Premium users of the Cinch Streaming Application. For help or customer support please email us at Please reference your Premium App order number with your question or concerns.