Cinch Pro Controller Features

Trigger Stops

Leading the cutting edge of technology, Cinch Gaming provides the most adjustable game controller triggers in the industry. Tuneable to almost any pull range, our adjustable trigger stops allow you to fine tune your trigger pull how you like it. Our patent pending design is available on both the XBOX One and Playstation 4 controllers and you can only get it here!

Cinch Remap Chip

Using the latest Cinch Tech®, our Remap Chip allows you to change all four of your rear pro button assignments with ease. With Cinch Tech® we've made remapping easier than ever. Simply hold the view button and start assigning rear buttons! It's that easy. Assign up to twelve different default buttons! Click here for a tutorial!

Rush Order

With our Rush Order Service you can have your Controller built in 2-3 business days instead of the standard 2-3 weeks. Although you still need to include shipping time, your Cinch will be in your hands in no time!

Custom Thumbsticks

Along with the choice of either domed or standard concave thumbsticks, we also offer Cinch Pro Sticks. Double the tension in your thumbstick for increased accuracy and precision aiming. You can also choose almost any color you like!

Cinch Grip

Available for the Xbox One and PS4, Cinch Grip gives you total control at all times without having to worry about sweaty palms. Unlike any grip you've experienced before, the Cinch Grip makes it easy to "Hang On!"

Rumble Motor Removal

Provided free of charge, we offer Rumble Removal Service on all of our controllers. This allows for a lighter controller and also helps improve aim by eliminating vibration.

Rear Pro Buttons

Featuring the most ergonomic design available today on a professional game controller, our rear buttons are easy to use because they lay at your fingertips. No more reaching for awkwardly placed buttons or paddles that force your wrists to twist and your thumbs to move. Available in 2 or 4 buttons, you'll have the advantage over the competition with our "Squeeze! Don't Reach!" Cinch buttons!